Inventory - cost when making purchase invoice

Hey, When I make a purchase invoice, there will be Inventory - cost associated with this purchase invoice. I do not want to have any Inventory - cost as I will do it in journal entries if needed.

ex, I have purchased a certain quantity of one item for 50 $ for my inventory,
Then , I have made three sales invoices for that item.
It will associate a cost of sales for each item and puts it as Inventory - cost under expenses.
Please I do not want these expense to be associated with my purchase or sales. ??

Clearly, @Bayar_Shahab, you need to read all the Guides having to do with inventory. Your post makes very little sense in the context of Manager.

For example, purchase orders have no financial impact at all. They are simply a way of ordering things from suppliers and may later be turned into purchase invoices, which do have financial impact. Further, monetary transactions cannot be recorded as journal entries. And sales orders have no financial impact. They are only used internally to communicate the need to fill and order. Or perhaps you are using the wrong terminology.

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Thank you for your replay.
Sure, just to correct it, I was aiming for purchase invoice and sales invoice.
In that case, What would you suggest to my question?

Purchase Invoices will adjust Inventory On Hand.
Sales Invoices will adjust Income and also create an automatic adjustment of values between Inventory on Hand to Inventory - Cost

You don’t have a choice of not having this automatic adjustment - you should never be using Journals.

Thanks for the replay.
I totally agree with your comments. however, this inventory- cost assigned to each sales invoice in not clear. It randomly adds it to each of them. There must be some sort of dynamicity to add these costs or I may not have any cost with my sales invoices. How that is possible?

When you purchase the inventory items, that creates the values used for inventory - cost.
It is not random. If you purchase the same inventory items at different cost prices, then an average of the cost prices is used.

If you are using the Non-Inventory Items feature - then they don’t have cost values so there is no related inventory - cost value