Inventory Write-Off with Insufficient Qty

I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find any similar issue, so forgive me if this issue has been already addressed.

We have a lot of inventory items in Manager. Sometimes we make inventory write-off date after the purchase invoice date. Other times the storeman use similar inventory item other than the one with a stock. So since Manager allow issue/sale with insufficient qty, we end up with inventory write-off with zero value. For me to make the necessary adjustments, I have to go through each inventory item transaction (which are a lot).

So what I actually looking for is a help in creating a custom report that can provide a detailed of all inventory write-offs showing each item with its issue value (each inventory write-off has many lines of items).

Why are you making adjustments? Inventory is written off at its current average price. That price may be zero based on prior transaction history, but it is accurate under the perpetual average cost method Manager uses. That is, it represents the value of the inventory item being written off as carried in Inventory on hand. What adjustment are you making, and on what basis?

If your storeman is issuing different items than are called for on a production order, sales invoice, or receipt, the original document should be corrected. Write-offs should be reserved for honest mistakes, breakage, theft, and so on, not routine substitutions.

If you insist on creating a custom report, you should select quantities and debits and filter for transactions posted to your write-off expense account. Understand, though, that treating accepted use of substitute items as write-offs is going to distort your Inventory - cost account and your Inventory - sales account, both because of the correct items not being posted and the incorrect ones being written off instead.