Inventory Issue or Stock Issue

Why there is Stock Issue Voucher in Manager?

It is used when you are issuing stock that affect the expenses (and not for sale), such as issuing fuel from your stock for your vehicles.

You can still use write-off to do this but it is not supposed to be done with write-off as it is totally different.

I tried to use production orders, but I couldn’t allocate the expenses account.

No, it is not different from an accounting perspective. Use a write-off.

Thanks @Tut for your quick response.

Sometimes you issue many items and each item on different expense account, in write-off you can’t do that.

The only possible way with writre-off is to make an individual entery for each item, and this is really frustrating specially when you have many stock issue on daily basis.

If write-off is modified to allow selecting an account for each item, then it will make sense.

Then use a Journal Entry, the representation would be exactly the same as using a multiple write-off form, with the exception you can’t nominate inventory location if this is applicable.

Yes, you have to calculate gross values as average cost isn’t available.