Export / Import Inventory Write-offs

It would be great if Manager could let me export Inventory Write-Offs - with a CSV file of the
Inventory Item Code, Inventory Item Name, Inventory Item Description and Qty’s.

Also, an importing feature for Inventory Write-Offs would be great.

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This is a bit difficult because one inventory write-off can contain multiple inventory items.

As for exporting, custom reports will be able to provide for this functionality.

As for importing, not sure if there will be a solution other than via Manager API. What is your use-case for importing?

My use-case for importing is when lots of little items (say, 30) are consumed for prototyping, and the “Inventory Write-offs” function lets me account for them under an expense account titled “Goods used for R&D / Prototyping”.

I see. But you have to enter the list of items you are writing-off anyway. So why entering items to Excel and then trying to import to Manager. Wouldn’t be easier to enter the transaction directly to Manager in the first place?

True, though I also have to enter them into a (seperate) spreadsheet other balances.
With this in mind, I’ll look into making the (first) entries into Manager, then exporting them from the Custom Reports you mentioned on your Oct 24 6:55am post.

Saying that though, it would still be great if I could “plug-in” the data into Manager using the following steps:

  1. From the Inventory write-off screen, I click on a button called “Import Data”
  2. It gives a blank multi-line text input section, for CSV data, which I paste into (eg. stockcode-tab-qty)
  3. I click next
  4. It shows me how it interprets the data
  5. I click confirm to confirm that that’s how the data is meant to be interpreted.

How can I produce a report which will list Inventory Items booked out to a specific Inventory Write-off Description?

Cheers champ :wink: