Inventory Write Off Report

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to create inventory write off report from the report custom ?

I want to know the summary of the inventory been writen off based on certain period (qty and value)

The Inventory Quantity Summary Report (click on reports tab) will include any write offs made during a selected time period. You should use the guides for more details Write off inventory | Manager

Use the search function (text-box with magnifier icon) on the guides page and enter inventory and search.

For e.g. I have Apple to create Cake A and Cake B.

How do I know in certain period of time how many apple been write off for Cake A and how many for Cake B.

Or how to track the spare parts been used for which vehicles ?

Manager does not have any automation functions so can not check expiry dates automatically. Also not that it does not use FIFO principles for inventory. Manager is foremost an accounting and not an inventory management not point of sales applications. It is to help small businesses to get their accounts up to date and is excellent at that.

In my view it is very basic on inventory and point of sales and we use different applicaitons for those functions. We manly import bank statements and use receipts and payment rules to allocate most to revenue and expense accounts. Cash from sales get deposited in the bank frequently and we just use main revenue accounts for these because the item details are with the other applications that we can show to the auditors when needed.

Inventory write-offs are usually used β€œto record loss, damage, obsolescence, conversion to internal use, or other non-revenue reductions of inventory.” (as per the guide) If you are using inventory to create other inventory items, or for repairs, maintenance, or improvements, production orders would probably be more appropriate. See in particular this guide and this one.

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