Inventory transfer

Dear Manager Team,

is there a reason why non-inventory items showing while creating an inventory transfer ?
it is not correct to show inventory items only.

Thanks for the clarification.

This looks like a bug. I will move this topic to the bugs category.

Thanks for the continuous development

this bug still not fixed.
sorry for inconvenience

I don’t fix bugs. I am a forum moderator, not the developer. However, I would expect this to be low priority because it causes no errors. And it may take a while to fix because in many places, inventory and non-inventory items are treated the same. So I do not think it will be as straightforward as you might guess. And when is the last time Microsoft fixed a bug within 7 days?

I’m using the Forum to send notes and questions as usual, so it’s not meant to fix the bug by yourself .

I will agree with you that some cases the non-inventory items can be treated like inventory item but in manager there is no quantity or location for non-inventory items so it doesn’t give any sense to show it in the transfer items.

it’s just a question I got form one of my clients users.
thanks for usual support.

I agree. That is why I put it into the bugs category. That is all I can do. But your post pointing out it was not fixed yet was directed to me, personally. So I responded.

Fixed in the latest version (19.1.5)

Thanks Lubos