Inventory location after inventory transfer

i transferred inventory item to different location but when creating report inventory location report its not showing transfer of that item to new location

inventory location report is

Anyone can help me

Please show the edit screen of the inventory transfer.

What version of Manager are you using?

The report does not seem to be the standard report that lists inventory quantity by location. There is no “period” indicated in the standard report.

Standard report generation form:

Well spotted - I missed that :slight_smile:

i am using 21.3.97

You are showing a custom report. There is a standard report for inventory quantity by location.

i created custom field “category” of a item.
i want report “category” wise with Current Location.
like i have “tools” & “Machinery” categories which move to different location
i want to know where are “machinery” item located and quantity

@Sabir_Zafar, you are on entirely the wrong path. Custom reports are based on individual transactions, not cumulative quantities. The quantity criteria you selected represents the quantity in a transaction, not the quantity at a location. You cannot get that information in a custom report.

Could you please tell me how to get the information.
I transfer inventories to several inventory location daily and they do return from their location too. I want to be able to check what the quantity I transferred to several location on one report. I use cloud version which means I have the latest update


@nickyrub, you did not indicate very clearly what information you are trying to get. And the information you did provide is not the same information the previous discussion was about. The Inventory Quantity by Location report mentioned earlier in the thread will list inventory items at all locations.

Dear tut, like I said, I want a report that would tell me the inventories I transferred to other locations by item, and what they transferred back to my location. This report is very crutial to my organization.


You are going to have to keep track of that outside Manager. Inventory transfers do not affect the general ledger, so you will not be able to create a custom report. Or, you can create Inventory Quantity by Locations reports for successive days and copy the data to spreadsheets for manipulation.

Dear tut, inventory movement report is key to any ERP solution. Kindly consider upgrading it soonest. Thanks

Manager is not an ERP application, nor does it pretend to be. And I am not the developer, just a forum moderator.