Request for Inventory Transfer Report (transfers between warehouses)


I’m using the for some time it is very good to cover transactions
our company purchased 5 warehouse and there are some transaction among them but the reports of inventory do not cover the transfers of items between each and I’ve tried to use the custom reports tool but not appearing like inventory transfer transactions not appears in the list

any advise?

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You are the second person in the past month to request such a report. I am putting this into the ideas category and editing your title slightly.

Added to the latest version (23.12.9)

Basically new approach is a screen that shows inventory transfer lines across all inventory transfers at once. First you go to Inventory Transfers tab then click Inventory Transfers - Lines button in bottom-right corner.


When you are on Inventory Transfers - Lines, you can do Advanced Search or Edit Columns to narrow down your dataset.

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This should be recorded as a bug irrespective.

@Mahfuzur_Rahman, you are not illustrating the feature @lubos referred to. You are in Edit Columns.

Nevertheless, you have revealed a bug. But it is important to describe how you triggered it. Your screen shot does not explain that.

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Getting Error when clicking on Inventory Transfers - Lines button

An error occurs if the Line Description Column on the Inventory Transfers - Lines Page is checked

Fixed in the latest version (24.1.3)