Inventory Transfer - Transfer to Customer Location Feature

Good Day,

Some times customers request good for inspection and perhaps part quantity. Rest is returned.
Invoice is generated only for the part quantity.

We currently create an inventory location for each customer. When sending goods to them create a inventory transfer. When customers purcahse half of that goods. We create a sales invoices and select location as a customers inventory location.
And then conduct a inventory transfer back to our own shop.

Is there a better way around this feature. We do not want to generate invoices when goods move to customer as many times they are not purchased and returned. But we need to track the quantities and need to know how much stock we have at each location.

Is there a way to print Customer address on the templates in Inventory transfer ?
{{ recepient.address }} or so.

There is no way to link customers to inventory transfers. The purpose of inventory locations is to record location and movement of stock within the company. You are cluttering your system if you create a new inventory location for every customer who gets a sample, because once you use that location in a transfer, you can never get rid of it.

If I were you, I would issue a sales invoice when items are given to customer. Issue a credit note for anything returned. This will properly record that the inventory is not currently available for sale or delivery to another. It will also encourage the customer to return unwanted items promptly. And it protects you from loss if the customer damages or misplaces the goods. Make the sales invoice due the day after the customer is expected to return the goods.

This is no different from placing a large deposit on something you hire temporarily, such as a boat. You get your money back when you return the boat, less your rental fee.

Of course, if it is routine in your industry to provide samples you don’t expect to get back, you can journal them to a marketing expense account.