Inventory Report Quantity Differences

Dear @lubos I just found out that the inventory qty summary report and inventory qty by location showed me a different number. Is that a bug ?

Did you check if you have any items which are not specified with a specific location?

There are many valid reasons these reports could differ. You need to provide screen shots illustrating transactions you believe are incorrectly reported.

These are reports, not transactions. They merely restate your original post in graphical form. You need to illustrate transactions that are incorrectly reported, as I initially requested.

I thought it’s easier to check it from the back end rather than for me to check past transaction. Since the ending balance of the same item is not the same between the 2 reports.

Nobody can trace back your entries to identify the reason for the discrepancy except you - no one else has access to your data

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The question is why they are different. You already told us they were. Only by examining transactions will the cause be revealed.

By varying the date on the report, you could try to identify when the discrepancy appears

Is the Inventory Qty Summary take the number of Qty Owned (which is already put into consideration the Qty to Receive and Qty to Deliver as well) and the Inventory Qty by Location just take Qty on Hand number ?

@rully_p, I don’t know the answer to your question without constructing a test business and experimenting with the various options. Perhaps you could answer this question from your own records and let us know.