Inventory Quantity Movement report is missing Opening Balances


Currently there is an inconsistency between the Inventory Value Movement report and Inventory Quantity Movement report with regards to displaying the Opening Balances for the same reporting dates.

The Inventory Value Movement report shows an Inventory’s opening balance regardless of there being a movement. An advantage here is that the User can generate an internal report that can be used to validate the Balance Sheet’s inventory valuation.

Whereas the Inventory Quantity Movement report only shows an Inventory’s opening balance if there has been a movement. A disadvantage here is that a User can’t generate an internal report of all inventory quantities that can be used to validate stock taking counts.


This is not a bug. It is how the Inventory Quantity Movement report was designed. It’s a well-known characteristic of the program and has been discussed in the forum previously. It is a true movement report, as titled, not an inventory on hand summary.

I agree it would be a good idea to have consistency between the two reports and the ability to create a report showing all inventory quantities. There has been such a suggestion in the ideas category since May 2018.

I am taking this out of the bugs category, because the program is functioning as designed.