Inventory Purchased or Sold before Startup date dont show in Manager


I have observed that the Inventory purchased or Sold before the Startup date don’t show up in my Inventory List.

I have set the start date in Manager as per our Bank Account Opening date.

However, we had made purchases (Stock) before opening up the Bank Account.

So, technically these inventories are our Investment (Capital)

But why they don’t reflect in the Inventory List?

For eg:

Say my Start date is 1st Jan 2016 in Manager.

I purchased Books (stock) on 31st Dec 2015 and set the Starting Balance too. Refer the Sanpshot:

So by setting the Starting Balance for the Purchase, the Purchase invoice shows paid in full.
Which is what i want:

But why is this Inventory not showing in Inventory List?

As, sale of Inventory (books) took place on 29th Feb 2016. But it shows as back order:

Is this the right way to go about the opening stock (Capital)

If i don’t set a start date in Manager, then how will the Purchase Invoice show Paid in Full? As the payment was done by cash before our bank account was opened.

Figure out that we need to enter the starting balance for the Inventory as well to show up in the Inventory Item List.

Why. If you have transactions prior to the bank account opening date, why not make the start date before those transactions.

It appears that you have set up most things ok - your initial transactions would be as follows:
Process the Purchase Invoice as shown above and the Inventory starting balance values as you noted in your 2nd post. Then your Summary tab would be

Next will be the Purchase Invoice cash payment. This would be done by Journal - you wouldn’t use cash accounts as the payment didn’t pass though a cash account.

So your Summary tab now becomes

This way your Purchase Invoice still shows Paid in Full.

Thank you @Brucanna

Have gone through the steps as mentioned and my books look very well placed.

Last question: The Owners Contribution Account would be under the Capital (Funds Contributed) or its ok to set it under Equity in Charts of Accounts.

Ours is a Partnership Firm.


How many Partners ? Up to two partners you could set it up under either Equity or Capital, but more then two, then definitely set up under capital otherwise the Equity section could look unwieldy

Yes, we have Two Partners.
And i have created the account under Equity itself.

Thank you very much.

Each partner should have their own Contributions & Drawings accounts - in case you haven’t done that