Inventory On Hand Still There


I have done delivery notes, good receipts, etc

The system tells me I still have a large amount of inventory on hand despite the inventory already being sold and noted as delivered.

I do not understand how I get rid of the inventory if not in a delivery note.

Any help would be appreciated

I’m guessing you’re seeing that you have inventory on hand by noting the numbers in the “Qty on hand” column when you view your inventory items? If you click on that number you should be able to see a break-down by location (if you have multiple inventory locations), and by clicking again you should be able to see a record of all movements in and out of that location for that inventory item. If you’re not seeing any record of it moving out, then there’s presumably something wrong with your sales or delivery transaction. My first thought is that perhaps you haven’t selected the location from where to take the inventory item when it is sold, so although it appears on the sales invoice and delivery note, Manager doesn’t know where to pull it from. (I haven’t enabled delivery notes, so I’m not very familiar with their functioning.)

If none of the above applies, or you are sure you have done it all correctly, perhaps you could post screen shots of the transactions involved? That would be the Purchase Invoice, Goods Receipt, Sales Invoice, and Delivery Note.

Also, if you suspect any issue with the software, it might be helpful to know which version and platform you’re using.

Hey @GrahamvdR

Thank you very much for your prompt response, it has been quite helpful. Very much appreciated.

I will post further on the topic if I do not resolve it soon with the advice you provided.

Thank you very much.

@KeoN001, make sure you have read and understand the three Guides on inventory management, beginning here:

@Tut Thank you very much, i’ve been through them quite often, and revert back to them all of the time, the system has just been a bit of a learning curve since moving to cloud.

Thank you very much for the reply.

There are no differences between desktop and cloud editions except multi-user features on the cloud edition. All accounting features work exactly the same way.

Hi Tut, thanks…our Admin lady is working on this currently, I’ll check up on her shortly and see how she is doing…