Track Quantity to Deliver

I have activated “Track Quantity to Deliver” at my inventory item yet my inventory gets deducted immediately after invoicing. My expectations is that after activating track quantity to deliver that inventory will only be deducted after delivery note.

Read the guide carefully at Use delivery notes | Manager and observe important statements such as:

…Note, however, that while quantities on hand and to deliver are reduced, the quantity owned, average cost, and total value of inventory remain unchanged. That is because those figures were adjusted by the sales invoice…


…If the sale had been to someone other than a defined customer, the quantity to deliver would not have been tracked…


Prior to Version 21.4.58, Manager required a delivery note to complete the sale of every inventory item recorded on a sales invoice if the Delivery Notes tab was enabled. With that version, the choice became optional. Additionally, delivery notes became applicable to all sales to defined customers, even if recorded via receipts. Prior to Version 21.4.58, sales via receipts were always assumed to be delivered simultaneously…

and finally

Once you decide to track quantity to deliver, you must follow through. If you do not create the necessary delivery notes, your accounting records will show income and costs related to sales, but your inventory counts will never be reduced…


I hope only “Qty owned” would have got deducted by issuing invoice with the inventory item selected.

There are 4 columns related to Qty.

  1. Qty owned
  2. Qty on hand
  3. Qty to deliver
  4. Qty to receive
    Please try to understand these 4. Qty on hand will be deducted by issuing delivery note.

@Umeadi, you need to read and understand the Guides about delivery notes and goods receipts, too. The relationships between tracking financial and quantity aspects of inventory items can become quite complex (and variable) because of all the options in Manager.

Sorry I am replying very late. I really appreciate your answer. The issue is that those 4 columns you mentioned don’t appear on my inventory item any more even though I activated both track quantity to deliver and quantity to receive. It used to have those 4 columns before but at some point they all disappeared leaving only quality owned. I am using Cloud Edition. See attached how my inventory item sheet looks like.

Click the Edit Column’s button at the bottom.

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate this. It has solved my problems.

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