Inventory/Non Inventory on Forms

Would it be possibe to add the ability to select what information appears on all form columns to include Inventory/Non Inventory with menus for fields to include, similar to adding footers etc.

Inventory/Non Inventory => Code x…Name x…Description x


I don’t know what you mean. Can you demonstrate on an actual use-case?

You can hide/ show Item’s name per inventory item so only the inventory code is shown or the inventory name is displayed.

Go to Settings > Inventory Kits, edit the inventory item and select to “Item’s name on printed documents”.

Is that what you mean?

@Mesquire No, not what I meant.

If in the forms/form defaults we could select what we want displayed as far as inventory/non-inventory goes


As an example, I only want Item Code and Item Name on Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices and Goods Reciepts.
I want Item Code and Item Description on Reciepts and Sales Invoices.
I want Item Code, Item Name and Item Description on Inventory Transfers
I want only Item Name or Item Desceiption on Purchases etc. etc.

This allows better matching for what my suppliers need, what I need, and what I want to present to my customers.