Inventory location to items cames from Expense Claims

inventory location to items cames from Expense Claims , becuase when we make inventory location report those item apper in undefinded location, and you cannt give its location

you can. you need to select the inventory location when creating the expense claim.

thank you but i was put just one side on this line when i put the other the location apper
why we have to put in the two side like item001 - Fresh fruit
i thought one enouph

the presentation of the form is consistent with other forms.
you can also leave the first column blank, select Inventory on hand under Account and then select the inventory item in the new field that appears.
when you select the item in the first column, the Account will appear automatically.

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thank you very much

could I explain the issu to you
yes like you said alright
but here is another issu appear
if i put a qty as Starting balance then in report any delivery will appear negatives
because this qty that added as starting balance didnt go to totat sum

Yes, it did. The bottom line on your Qty owned drill down (10 units) is your starting balance.

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the issue is most probably because you have created transactions selecting a different inventory location than the one where you have existing stock.
click on the blue figure -5 in your report to check which transaction is responsible for it.

yes it drills right and when it did ,the qty didnt count in total while this qty from inventory

i thought not i reveiw that before i asked you the file more then 15 m i am sorry

you will get better help if you temporarily change your Manager language to English before posting screenshots on the forum. this will help other users understand things better.

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oh you mean the the names yes i am sorry i going to

look the idea that when you put or drill qty (starting balance ) didnt go to total

when doing an invoice purchase and make recipte in inventory location like in example ( store )
qty count in total while if drill in starting balance it will not go to total and i will check if the same thing happend in case Expense Claims

in case Expense Claims its ok

For the second time, yes it did. Your starting balance was 10 units. The undated entry in your drill-down is 10 units. The opening balance shown in the drill-down is 10 units.

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what Manager is doing is correct.
you added starting balance as 10 to your Store location. then you added stock again using goods receipts and purchase invoice. so the total quantity you have in stock for the Store location is 13 which is correct.

you have used the stock 5 numbers in Elias house location. so 13 - 5 = 8 is the exact stock you have in total.

I am not sure why the purchase invoice is adding stock to your inventory when Goods Receipts tab is enabled. @Tut your thoughts on this?

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mm you mean its normal … oh ok undated mean program will not count it ok ok Mr Tue maybe i have miss understanding i will review all idea again …ok

thank you for all i will review all the things thank you

Read and understand the guides. Guides | Manager
Then create a test business and check how things work following the guide.

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