Need location option in edit columns inventory items

Please @Lubos consider adding in edit columns for inventory items the possibility to toggle location, it would be easier to sort the items when needed per location and would be consistent with other tabs.

This would require Inventory Items - Lines view first, before it’s feasible.

I am referring to the inventory items tab where it would be needed.

I know that but all document level fields are exposed to Edit Columns with the exception of Location details because they are stored as nested lines.

Not sure what you mean by stored as nested lines. Like any other tabs edit screen location is there when exists and can be selected and should thus be able to be shown in the tab’s screen through edit columns.

In the screenshot you provided above, note that there is an Add line button. This is what I am talking about.

Moreover, only location starting balances are stored within the Inventory Items object, additional data is spread across multiple tabs. So the implementation is not as straightforward as you describe here.

It’s a valid request though, but there is a lot of things to consider before implantation.

I will have to defer this to @lubos.

How would you propose to handle a situation where there are many inventory locations with some of the items in each? Would you display each location as a separate column? This could get cumbersome for users with lots of locations.

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