Inventory link in invoices

Would it be possible to generate a direct link to the inventory file from within sales and purchase orders? Currently when inputting invoice details, if there is a new product or change in cost or price the invoice must be closed, inventory file opened, item found and then amended followed by re-opening of the invoice file in order to complete the task.

It would be helpful if the inventory file could be linked directly so a single click would bring up the relevent information, and reload directly to the invoice on completion?

You can already link to the inventory file while processing the sale/purchase invoices.
Lets say you have started a Sales Invoice and discover that the Inventory item has not yet been created.
Right click on the Inventory Items tab and select “open in new window”, this will open a browser window which allows the Inventory Item to be created (or edited), and when clicking back onto the Sales Invoice that new Inventory Item is available for selection.

Therefore no closing / re-opening is necessary to complete the task.

The above right click is for Windows, for Macs drag the Inventory Items tab to a browser window