Inventory kits – Delivery notes

Dear all Manager team
There is an issue need to be discussed I am using Inventory Kits in my work as below
I created purchase invoice as example ITEM - X worth 10 L.E and ITEM - Y worth 15 L.E these items I will not sell separately I will use them to collect ITEM - Z and selling the last item worth 100 L.E

I created delivery note to the customer with ITEM - Z

Now it is time for the sales invoice I opened the customers tab and clicked Qty to invoice

Then new sales invoice the problem is it appears with the other items (ITEM-X - ITEM-Y) that I will not sell

I do not need these items I need the final items that i delivered to the customer


I agree. This needs to be handled better.


In this case a kit is not of use

You probably need a Production Order to make your kit

Kits are just a shortcut to manage multiple inventory items. They are not a substitute for an inventory item

Why do you have a problem with the delivery note showing the items individually?

Dear Joe91
I think PRODUCTION ORDERS will require more steps and also more time let us see
in INVENTORY KITS i create it for one time only then i forget it and i do transactions easily
purchase invoice and goods receipts - sales invoice and delivery note and manager automatically arrange my inventory but in PRODUCTION ORDERS i must create production order every time before sales invoice or delivery note what if we fix this issue in INVENTORY KITS this will make the transactions more easily and not complicated

Dear lubos
Any news for this idea
Thanks regards

Be patient, @taha1. This thread is one day old. There are ideas that have been waiting on possible implementation for years.