Inventory Kit Records

  1. How do I record inventory loss (waste) if I use inventory kits to sell? Details: I sell microgreens and use inventory kits. Sometimes trays don’t grow right so they are composted. How do I record this in Manager? I was thinking it needed to under journal entry???

  2. When will we be able to generate reports for inventory kits to see number of each sold? One post said March but it is past that so I’m curious to know when that will be available.

Go to the customize link and add the inventory write-offs tab. Then go to chart of accounts and create an account like obsolete inventory or faulty inventory or whatever you want to call it.

Then go to inventory write-offs tab and create a new write-off. This only applies to inventory items, not to inventory kits, but this should not matter as inventory kits are just a grouping of inventory items so you can write off each individual inventory item.

I don’t know about ETA on inventory kits reports

Yeah, I was hoping for a quick and easy method haha. Thank you though, that did help. I was unsure how I could use the write off section.

Thanks. :slight_smile: