Inventory Kit - handling wastage

I’m using inventory kits to sell popcorn, the kit being made up of the constituent parts (corn, coconut oil, flavouring, box). Selling inventory through this means works beautifully - however when I try to log wastage I don’t have the kit as an option (leftover boxes of popcorn at the end of a show).

Is this correct - and if so, is the only way to report wastage by logging each of the constituent parts ?

Thank you.

That’s correct and I think it’s always better to write-off individual inventory items.

Perhaps some boxes were damaged during production, oil spilled etc. You would generally do inventory count to see what’s missing and adjust quantity on hand based on what’s left.

Unless you make all these boxes of popcorn upfront and then write-off unsold boxes. In that case, you shouldn’t use inventory kits. I would use production orders to record how many boxes of popcorn would make so they represent inventory item which can be then written-off is any boxes were to be discarded.