Production order: Did i do it right?

I used production order tab everytime customer want to custom made their shirt. The item in production order was like in the pic.

is this ok?

Not really.
Your Finished Item and the Bill of Material item is the same item - same description.
The Production Order converts one item into another item.

Also your “Add non-inventory cost into production” are listing Sales accounts.
Normally these items are for transferring costs from expenses into part of the inventory cost.

Perhaps if you can explain what you are trying to do, then you can be guided further.

I do screen printing for this order which the tshirt i bought and is in the inventory. I don’t want to show the separate price for each item (screen printing & tshirt) in the invoice. Like this

yet i still cannot figure out how to separate them.

what you have purchased (tshirts) is your raw materials.
what you are selling should be your finished goods
so you better create separate inventory items.
the bill of materials is to have your purchased items plus the non inventory cost of screen printing and embroidery.
then when you create a sales invoice you just show the finished goods. (custom tshirts)

I’m sorry that confused me even more :anguished:


  1. create separate inventory items of unprinted tshirts and printed tshirts
  2. make purchase invoices of the t shirts you purchased
  3. copy the purchase invoice to goods receipts.
  4. create a production order with bill of materials being your purchased items and add the non inventory cost of screen printing and embroidery.
    the finished goods would show up in inventory
  5. create a sales invoice (of only the finished tshirts, the printing cost is already added in the item’s production cost)
  6. copy the sales invoice to create a delivery note.

@DSM_Enterprise also i just noticed that in the non inventory costs you have added sales accounts - you should create a cost of goods sold group in the chart of accounts that has Screen printing and embroidery separately
read this

Now that I’m beginning to surrender this thing. I think i need a real accountant to do this. Even my chart of account look terrible now.

please help me :anguished:

It’s been 3 months since i used Manager. Everytime i need to update or key in data i must end up here in forum. It seems so easy when read those topics yet when i do it myself so many errors

Well the chart of accounts does look messy. If you do not have a background in accounting, it is important to get an accountant’s advice in your locality to get that right. Also you might need help filing taxes. There maybe someone in the forum who might be able to help you prepare a chart of accounts. After that is done, it is mostly repetitive work.

Couldn’t agree more. I will wait for @Tut or @lubos or @Brucanna to comment before i get a local expert. Thanks for advice @spandan888

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for your workflow all you need are three inventory items:

  1. Plain t-shirt
  2. ink for screen printing.
  3. Screen printed t-shirt.

make a production order where 3 is your finished good. 1 and 2 will be your bill of material.

when making the invoice just select 3 and enter the rate at which you would sell. you can also set the selling price under the Inventory items tab.

make separate inventory for all the different size t-shirts. i assume the ink quantity used for printing will vary depending on the size of t-shirt.

Thank you for comment. I already listed in inventory for 517 products with various sizes & color. But do you mean that i need to make another inventory for each type of tshirt? Like I have 517 plain tshirt, then i need to create another 517 printed tshirt? I still not clear on production order issue. Perhaps some screenshots would help.

It seems that my chart of account is where i need to fix it first then will go amend all the purchase invoice, goods receipts, production order etc.

You do not have to create 517 new inventory items for printed t-shirt. Just one new inventory item for printed t-shirt will be enough.
I assume you make printed t-shirt against order and sell it right away. So you will not be holding stock of printed t-shirts. you can just edit the description of t-shirt in the invoice as per sale.
If you are holding stock then you can create separate inventory items for easy tracking. Else

In my opinion, it is always worth the expense to obtain local professional advice when setting up a business.

@DSM_Enterprise Unless you want Manager to tell you how many of each size/color T-shirt you have, you can get away with just single inventory item which will simply hold all T-shirt sizes/colors. It’s about how granular you want to go.

More granular means more hassle setting-up and recording it but then you get more granular output (e.g. ability to say “I have 3x T-Shirts of size M in blue color”) without actually going to physically count your inventory.

yes, that’s what I’m trying to do. But in production order, i put 1 & 2 as bill of material, i cannot trace where is the item 3. As you said in here

when i issue an invoice, only inventory items can be selected.

Have a read of this topic - similar business

you have to first create an inventory item for the finished good before creating the production order.

Thanks @Brucanna this lighten up my day. I will follow this step and lets see how it work for me. Thanks for all the replies guys.