Inventory items

Hi There.
i just need to know, can we use barcode sticker for inventory items.
i can only see quantity.
can anyone help me on this please.


You can use the either the Code or Name field for the barcode.

You can only see quantity where? There are many places in Manager where information about inventory items could appear.

Thank you for responding!
let me explain my issue
lets say i have 10 keyboards and i need to invoice one keyboard. when i do it i need to select which keyboard to give. by doing that i will have better control over my stock.
hope its clear

Manager assumes that all inventory items are identical and interchangeable.

So if you want to identify your keyboards individually then you will have to create separate items for each one

Use a free text custom field on the invoice or delivery note. The text produced by a bar code reader may be OK for you if recorded there. What ever you enter there Manager can record but will not do any processing with that information.