How to add bar code or qr code functionality


In Posts they say its not possible with manager.Is there any other way .please help @lubos

At this point Barcoding is not possible in Manager but here is how scanners can help with point of sale and stock etc. Essentially the scanner will do the same job as a keyboard just faster and more accurate (minimises human error). In our situation we use the manufacturer’s barcodes that the product or stock comes with so this largely eliminates the need to print barcode labels or QR Codes for your stock.
When invoicing say a cash sale the items are scanned into the invoice when the cursor is in the “Item” field. If the item is inventory it will pull the stock item from there and should it be a non inventory item it will populate the invoice with that description etc. Once complete you will finalize your invoice in the normal way.
When receiving stock the same process applies and will function well as long as the item is recognized in Manager, in other words the item’s barcode must be already in the system as inventory or non inventory. We find the scanner useful but at this point it is really just an aid.