Sales and purchase in case(carton) or each(piece)

hi, how can we use both form of units case (carton) and each (piece) for the same product in sales and purchase invoices and inventory management

Create two different inventory items - Product Carton & Product Piece.
If you purchase the Product in cartons, then you can use the Production Orders feature to convert the Product Carton into the Product Piece

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read this guide about using inventory kits

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you mean with two different product code ,

yes that mean two product with different code


This is not applicable as you aren’t combining two or more products into making one item.
You could sell a bat and a ball separately or combine them and sell them as a set

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a kit does not necessarily have to be two or more different items.
for example, beer can be sold as a bottle or as a crate of 20 bottles.

Yes, but you wouldn’t necessarily be purchasing beer as “bottles”, so with inventory you have to start from the purchasing position, then re-organise to suit the selling position.