Inventory Issues

Please help out, i face this after update to new version.


So? Showing this small bit of a screen does not explain what problem you believe you have. Please describe your problem more completely so someone can help.

The screenshot indicates that there is zero qty on hand, zero average cost, but extending to a negative stock valuation.

@Zishan_Rana, are the zero values correct and it just the negative stock values which is the issue

Can you test if this is happening in the latest version (16.7.78)?

For the record, this should never happen. If this is happening in the latest version, there is a bug in the program somewhere which needs to be fixed.

still same
i test Manager 16.7.83

Any chance you could send me the accounting file to

This issue has been fixed in the latest version (16.7.91).

It was a regression bug which leaked in when custom control accounts were added.