Inventory Grouping

I have a hardware and paint shop, and there are lot of item’s with different price and different companies… And I want to creat a group for one items for all companies. E.g Switch(items) belong to 4 different companies with different price.

Add custom fields to your inventory item definitions to record such things as manufacturers, distributors, or categories. Read the Guide: cannot create inventory item groups.

Manager does not support different prices for different sources. All units of an inventory item are considered to be identical. So if you want different built-in prices from different suppliers, you will have to create separate inventory items.

So I have to add nearly 1500 inventory :roll_eyes: in separate inventory items.

If you have 1500 different items in inventory, yes. But you don’t need separate items just because prices differ from purchase to purchase or sale to sale. You don’t need to put anything in those fields. You can enter the prices manually or edit the one you have defined for the item. Common practice is to enter the price from your most frequent supplier and edit when necessary as your purchase from others.

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