Inventory data export


First of all let me appreciate the effort put in to bring such a great product with a clean interface, especially for some one who had zero accounting knowledge like me. Well done and keep going.

I’m aware that the system doesn’t support a barcode scanner, and I cannot do without it. Hence I worked out a solution using normal spreadsheet function. And now while invoicing we use the spreadsheet and later we manually enter the bill to manager. But the issue we face is the possible error while manual entry of inventory details. Every time we have a new item in the manager we will have to enter the same code to spreadsheet. Is there some way to export the inventory details to excel? Or a barcode compatibility is any where there in your near future plans?


There is a button in bottom-right corner called Export when looking at the list of inventory items under Inventory Items tab. Have you tried that?


Oh! okay. Actually I never noticed that. Thank you for the support. And If i switch to the cloud version can I have the access to the json or similar database file so that I can work on the invoicing solution ?


There is API which works on cloud/server edition, see


Wow ! thats great. Thank you. It really helped.