Inventory batch update challenge

I am unable download the empty spreadsheet template to excel. When i click the download link the file could only be saved as wordpad and note pad. Please what can i do to fix this:

I want to help on this but i don’t really understand the problem. Can you give a detailed explanation of the problem and if possible with screen shots?

Ok, The problem is when i click the batch update Button in Inventory i get
this link
But when i click the link, instead of creating an excel template for me it
save a TSV file which cannot be saved or opened in excel. That is excel is
not available as the save as type only TSV

TSV can be opened in excel, open a new excel sheet and just drag and drop the TSV file into the excel sheet, it will create a new excel sheet with your data ready to be used.

Manager doesn’t create excel files straight. You will get a TSV which you will send into excel (by dragging and dropping, that what I do)

I hope you got me right

Thank you very much it worked