Importing customers

I have not been able to import a customer list. I have used the batch create button and a batch gets created but there is no data. I haven’t been able to save data as a .tsv file, is that critical or will a .csv work. Are there any step by step instructions…


Did you follow the instructions that appear when you click the Batch Create button? Specifically, did you click on the blue instruction #1 to see the required tsv content?

When I clicked on the blue instruction it comes up with file explorer and with a .tsv file called export showing that has to be saved but it is empty. When I save the empty file I can then only open it with notepad, opening in .xls is not an option.

The point is to create your own spreadsheet, then save it as a TSV file. The template shows you what you need in what order.

Thanks, I thought of that and I have a spreadsheet with my customer list but there is not an option to save it as a TSV file only a Tab delimited or CSV file. How do I create a TSV file from my XLS file?

Sorry, that’s a question for a Microsoft expert. It may depend on your version of Excel.

Thanks I’ll work it out…

If you have list of your customers in Excel spreadsheet and columns match the empty template, then you don’t have to save it in TSV format.

Funny thing about Excel is that when you copy & paste whole spreadsheet, it will be saved as TSV file.

Have a look at how it’s done for inventory items: Manager Cloud

Thank you for that…

To save in tab-separated-values format in Excel:

Save As... then from the File Type drop-down, select Text (tab delimited),” which is about 10 items down the list depending on which version of Excel you have. After the file is saved, change the .txt extension to .tsv (i.e., rename MyFile.TXT to MyFile.TSV).

Before you save as a TSV, you’ll need to adjust the column names, order, and value format in your spreadsheet so they match what Manager expects. Take a look at spreadsheet exported from Manager to see what it needs.

@lubos I cannot get the empty template. Can you guide me to get one. Thank you.

Follow the guidelines at Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager

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