Internal PDF generator now obsolete

Im confused.
If I update to the new version will the “old approach” still work in the desktop version?

I downloaded 21.8.57 and found that the ‘old’ email system still works. If this ever gets removed the cost involved in the extra time to print invoices, purchase orders, remittance advices etc. then email via email client will outweigh the cost of subscribing to one of the current other available programs who do not screw things around several times a day.
We keep getting told that custom themes are our responsibility, yet it seems a lot of PDF issues come back to just that. Leaving the ability to email from the program OR send a link would seem to me to be the better option. Just my opinion.

@VACUUMDOG - thanks for checking.
I agree - if the ability to send emails directly from Manager is removed then this is a monumental mistake by the developer.
If it is removed then I will be going elsewhere - I’ll have to start looking at other programs soon.

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I was wondering if it’s possible to send emails from client side instead of server side.

When sending an email, the browser would cache the PDF file, send it and then delete it.

It all depends on finding an open source multi-browser email add-in. Even if there isn’t, I don’t think defaulting to user email client is a big deal though.

That looks like it could be possible, right?

Internal PDF generator now obsolete
Regarding this topic, when I open the image, it shows TAX INVOICE. M,y business does not use TAX INVOICES but rather INVOICES. Is it possible to remove the word TAX from it?

Your problem is not related. You either have a custom theme, a custom title, or a tax code that modifies the title.

Actually it seems added by @Lubos when using the new system with view emails see Internal PDF generator now obsolete

Nothing is mentioned about changing titles, @eko. If someone is seeing a title change spontaneously, they need to illustrate with screen shots.

Sorry wrong link, should have been Added ability to track whether email sent from Manager has been viewed

Below is where @Lubos created email with Tax Invoice on that page.

That is an example in which the transaction being emailed had been retitled as Tax Invoice by one of the methods I mentioned. Sending the link does not change the title of a transaction by itself.

Sorry but this is what @Lubos did, he added the word TAX to the email which is what @Mifs was asking about.

No, he didn’t. If your transaction is titled Invoice, the summary containing the View link will be labeled Invoice. If your transaction is labeled Tax Invoice, the summary will be headed Tax Invoice. The summary takes its title from what already exists.

Please remove the link address from the document with this new approach.

What are you referring to? Please illustrate with screen shots.

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I’ve sent you the example of the pdf file.

@rully_p, please post your illustration here as a screen shot.

In the print dialogue you need to turn off headers and footers

Thank you…