Internal PDF generator now obsolete

How to do batch pdf in New approach?

There is no Batch PDF anymore. There is Batch View instead. When doing batch view, you can then use Print button to save to PDF as usual.

I would have no problem with this with one big exception. I have two division, each with their own logo. the main logo prints just fine but for quite a few versions now the custom theme logo will not show up in the Print function. It does, however show up just fine in the PDF created by manager. So - for all those invoices I’ve been creating a PDF and then printing them so they look correct. A bit more bother, but it worked.
Can we figure out why the Custom theme does everything else correctly but won’t send the logo to Print but works fine in PDF?


How is your custom logo defined in your theme? Is it base64 encoded image in src tag or something else?

So since yesterday the internal pdf generator started having a shadow cursor before the numbers as per image below. Is it possible to fix this before it becoming obsolete and no additional support please? as there is issues with using the save as pdf function, such as page numbers dont show.

Looking at Manager v21.8.56

It appears you have also removed the ability to email payslips and invoices inline.

Unfortunately that means now

  • Manager has completely lost the ability to email payslips or invoices

  • From a private server where the business owner chooses not to expose their accounting system to the internet or from the desktop version of Manager

In my opinion that is a massive loss of functionality.

@Q.Pods fixed in the latest version (21.8.57)

@Patch unfortunately “inline” is not viable. Maybe in a few years. The issue is email clients. There is massive inconsistency among email clients how HTML is rendered even if email client is web-based - there is a lot of sanitizing going on. Even if the function seemed like it’s working for you, it is guaranteed it won’t work for recipients. For desktop edition, I’m now recommending to print to PDF and send PDF to recipient outside Manager.

So for NG Software customers who have bought the server versions because they didn’t want to expose their accounting records to the internet, (or do not want to guarantee it is accessible from the internet 24/7 by their employees / customers / suppliers) you are recommending when sending out payslips to employees:

  • View a payslip
  • Save the payslip as a pdf
  • Go to an email client
  • Create an email, find the employees’ email address and insert that in the email
  • Attach the pdf saved above
  • repeat the above process for every employee without making any clerical errors
  • Repeat the above process for every employee every fortnight

I do not consider that a viable work flow. A viable work flow requires

  • The document generations software maintains the association between the document and the recipient address
  • An internal email client and document content generation is ideal (current Manager system)
  • Linking to an email client where Managers sends both the email address and document content would be another solution

If that is the case then, Maybe in a few years the the ability to generate PDF documents within Manager will be obsolete.

I appreciate you would like to no no longer support internal PDF generation however that is very different to it being obsolete. Until there is a viable alternative then the functionality is not obsolete, it is a vital part of a viable business workflow.

I assume this applies only to the server edition, I have 21.8.57 on standalone mac (11.5.2) and when I follow the above instructions on my test account sending email to myself , when I click the link on the email to view I get ‘email not found’ on the browser?

It is a solution only where your Manager program is continuously accessible via a public internet address. Such as

  • NG Software servers / Manager cloud
  • Private servers with continuos remote internet access configured.

Because when you send such an email from Manager you are only sending a web link to a document Manager can produce on demand, not the actual document. As a result it does not work for

  • Manager desktop
  • Manager server not continuously accessible from the internet.

I have mixed feelings on this.

I agree with Lubos that sending payslips and invoices inline with HTML support to email clients is not a desirable way to go. Unfortunately email clients can and do render emails very differently so your html email can look great in one email client and be all out of place in another email client. The unfortunate reality is that email clients do not adhere to html standards anywhere like browsers do! The html rendered coding in some of them is absolutely dreadful.

Also a lot of malware can be distributed via html and I personally discourage the use of html based emails as they are either malware or junk email.

So I agree with the idea to abandon inline support for emails.

I think the direction for you would be the customer portal which could enhanced to enable staff to view payslips etc. Unfortunately the customer portal is simply not ready for production use!

I feel the key problem is actually an issue that has been raised repeatedly - to deaf ears I might add - and that is the lack of a proper milestones and development plan, projects are started and then never finished (like the sales order status and the customer portal) and things are constantly changed without warning because there is no stable and development tracks.

In short, I agree with why he has abandoned inline email support as too many email clients render html very poorly. Second, I am in favour of moving away from a concept of sending information via email as email is too insecure and more and more email administrators like myself are simply whitelisting a small number of attachments and blocking all other attachments due to malware/virus issues. The direction that the world should be moving in is to transfer information securely by getting people to login to portals to access their payslips, invoices etc! Which is why I was so pleased about the customer portal as I feel that is the future that all companies are/should be moving in the direction of.

But I do sympathise with your plight as the result of the very poor implementation of new features which causes a lot of disruption to people who use Manager to run their business! I have long since stopped updating the live Manager regularly every month. I now update only when there is a new feature that I want to take advantage of and only after I have fully tested the latest version in my desktop test version before upgrading my live server version. So I don’t have these nasty surprises.

I cannot understand why the developer seems to be completely deaf to all requests for a development and stable track, a milestone development plan listing the expected upgrades coming out etc. It would make so much more sense to upgrade the development track and get feedback from users and when it’s working 100% then upgrade the live version. But many complaints and requests on this point have gone unheard. So regularly every few months, a surprise change is introduced causing a lot of people problems, which just creates user dis-satisfaction. The problem is so simple to address, but for some reason, it would seem that the developer would prefer to receive continuous complaints about changes implemented without warning.

I actually would like the Internal Pdf Generator button removed if it is no longer going to be supported as unsupported software is by definition a security flaw. Software needs to be updated. So it should be removed, but only after users have had time to implement a third party pdf program to replace it.

I don’t see how a pdf generator can generate a security flaw. The issue is only that asiatic text don’t render very well and @lubos don’t want to include the pdf render of Google which is very heavy to download. On my side I would like to see it as a facultative download since I often generate pdf in Manager from my mobile.

This issue is not if the email is encoded in html or any other format or how pretty it looks.
The issue is if Manager works at all for servers off the internet.


  • I have zero interest in tracking when external parties read their email.

  • I have no intention of exposing my accounting records to broad internet attack

  • I don’t wish to be forced to do my IT maintenance only when every external party will not be trying to looking at their documents.


I understand why you want the inline email. But I also understand why Lubos wants to remove it is all I am saying. If I was him, I would also be doing the same thing - I just don’t think inline email is a good idea. But the implementation is what I have a problem with.

I speak under correction, but I believe that the internal pdf generator uses apptron or some 3rd party software to generate the pdf. If that is not updated and is left as is today for all time, then in future years that existing apptron coding will have security holes in it that would have been patched if that functionality had been maintained.

Why do you think you update Windows and Office etc through windows update? To address CVE security issues. This requirement will still apply to this 3rd party addon that enables Manager to create pdf’s.

I’m not great with HTML terms but here’s how it’s listed in the Theme:

                {% if business.logo != null %}<td style="text-align: right"><img src="{{ "f:Daily Use Files\Graphics\DA Logo Stuff\metaSETZLogoWhite200H.jpg" }}" style="max-height: 150px; max-width: 300px" /></td>{% endif %}

The file is where it should be and, again, shows up fine in the internal Manager PDF generator but refuses to show up in Print function. I didn’t make note of what version i was using when I noticed the problem - I do know that it worked, then didn’t work, then did work again for a bit and then went back to not working. I assumed it was some sort of bug that was being tweaked the first time it stopped and then started again but, if it was a bug, it appears now to be permanent.

Do not remove what works for those that have no issues with it (all those that use English and no particular fonts and customizations).


Thank you @Patch for clarifying my query.
I would have thought that if the desktop version cannot use this new method then it would not have been available as a selection. If I hadn’t tested it, I could have been sending out invoices, etc. to clients who would not have been able to view, causing inconvenience to them and an embarrassment to myself.
I am now concerned the way Manager is going - implementing a new process which only works if Manager is operating in a certain way. For those of us, who do not operate that way we are stuck with the existing system which is no longer supported. Not a recommended course of action in my view.

@Pix, you need to read the entire thread. The PDF function works in the desktop edition. And that is what this topic is about. Your issue seems to be about emailing PDFs. That is separate and should not be confused.

Manager can only email PDFs by using the internal PDF generator.

The new send a link option doesn’t involve Manager ever creating a PDF document. It relies on the web browser each external party uses to render a web page and convert it to PDF. As a result when a business using Manager sends out documents there will now be a large variation in what that businesses contacts actually see.

For desktop users and businesses who choose not to expose there accounting records to the internet, Manager no longer supports emailing payslips or invoices. Effectively making these products usable and breaking the marketing claim the desktop version is a working version.