Internal Information Box


Regarding the “Internal Information” field/box, located at the base of the sales quotes/sales invoices pages:

Is it possible to have a similar/same size field/box, like the “Notes” box, where more information can be added and viewed? I do like how this information does not appear on the invoices though and it also transfers from a quote to an Invoice - great features. This Internal Information field use to be much bigger a while back and was like the “Notes” field but it has now changed to a smaller, one-line field.


Actually Internal information field has been removed and what you now see is a Custom field (you can go to Settings > Custom Fields to see it set up).

Custom fields are currently capable of single-line textboxes only but soon it will be possible to change the type so if you need multiline field, you will be able to set it as such.


Thanks so much for the update Lubos. I’m looking forward to the release of the multi-line field.


Any ETA on this function re multiple lines for the “Internal Information” text box field?


The latest version (14.9.26) now supports custom fields to be shown as multiline fields. Set type to Paragraph text. The default value is Single line text.


Thanks heaps Lubos, very much appreciated.

Just before sending my message to you yesterday, I had actually upgraded to the latest version at that moment (v14.9.24) but shortly after you updated the version to v14.9.26. Thanks again!


Is it any chance we can move this custom field up or down?


Custom fields show always below fields that are in-built. Do you want to just reorder custom fields at the bottom or move custom field higher where in-built fields are?


Can we rearrange fields in horizontal order? There is a lot empty space to the right of fields and we scroll up & down all the time. I believe this is good especialy for big screens.
See examples:


I think it would be great to be able to have the ability to move fields, custom or built in, to utilize any empty space to reduce the need for scrolling.

To be able to edit layout, drag then drop would be superb but I’m sure it’s not quite as easy as that !
It would save a lot of time and be far more user friendly to have all important information on one screen.


Anywhere really but if thats not possible higher in the in-built area would be better as some info is ext of the information in-build so you don’t need to scroll down until you find it.


There seems to be some strange layout bug on Mac version because fields like Purchase Order #, Sales Quote # and those checkboxes should show on the right side of the form.

Anyway, I agree there is a lot of white space on forms that could be utilized better. I’ll first look into this layout bug which will relieve an issue a bit. Then I’ll see what can be done next.