Request One-time charge for Late Payment Fee

@lubos Recently, we have made changes in our late payment policy at our school, and the changes requested us to only charge the late payment fee once instead of the monthly recurring. Is it possible for the developer to add on the Late Payment Fee list with “one-time charge” in the invoice?


Sorry, i didn’t detail the request: one-time charge with both options on the % and on the custom amount.


Use a non-inventory item to add it as a line item by editing the invoice if they are late. If the amount varies because of something like different tuition charges, edit the price of the non-inventory item after adding it.

That’s impossible. I have 300 over students, and to update one-by-one of those overdue invoices would be time consuming for my staff. The system should make the end-user’s task easier.

The mentioning of the Late Payment in another topic recently, I would like to highlight my request again 2 years ago regarding the One-Time Charge if possible can be included in the Late Payment Charges. Thanks