Attendance mannagement


Attendance mannagement is missed in this software…

If it is… Very helpfull to track workers payment details… and so many…

I hope this software is very good…


I have a work around in the server version where I have setup each employee with access to an “entity” called time sheet. Only the employee and the payroll officer have access. In addition only the customer and billable time modules are enabled and visible to the users. Now the employee can enter their time with a description of their activities with date etc. This data is easily used to makeup the payslip for the employee in the company paying the wages.

I agree a time sheet module will be great.


Be aware: this workaround impacts the balance sheet. Time value will appear in the Billable time account.


No it does not because the time recording is done in a separate data file and the Payslips are generated in the active company.