Intangible asset summary report bug

I might have come across a bug with the intangible asset summary report. I have intangible assets set up in my accounts. Intangible assets and annual amortization are correctly shown on the balance sheet. I have created an intangible asset summary report report for the period 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2017 in the normal way per image below.

Pressing “View” generates the following error.

There is no problem with the similar fixed-asset summary report, and this is the first time I have run this report after using Manager for about a year. Both fixed- and intangible- assets are set up, I believe correctly, using the respective modules under “Customize”. I am using Manager desktop version 17.4.52. Any help would be appreciated.

I am using Win 10 and can’t reproduce the problem

But that error message sometimes occurs when the computer doesn’t quite get all the dots lined up correctly.
Usual trying again (a bit later) or shutting down and re-opening the application sorts it out.
If not - what operating system and edition are you using.

I am using Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 on a Dell XPS 13 9350 with an Intel Core i7-6500U CPU at 2.50 Ghz and 8 GB RAM. I still get the problem after rebooting. I don’t, however, have any problem running the almost identical fixed-asset summary report (see below):

However, I just did a test on a Test Database, which is a copy of my main accounts. It failed in exactly the same way, but it worked (per below) as soon as I removed disposals from the intangible-asset register.

I can reproduce this so will elevate this to a bug.

However, generally intangible assets are written off to zero and aren’t disposed of, unlike a fixed asset.
Why were you needing to tick the disposal box ?

Please check, but it appears the problem does not occur when fixed-assets are disposed of (at least not in my Test Database). In my case the intangible assets are intangible software (i.e. capitalized licensed computer software) subject to annual, fixed rate amortization because they are “…assets [used to generate income] with a finite life that can be estimated with a reasonable degree of certainty on the date of their … acquisition.”. I disposed (wrote-off) one of these [intangible] assets. I used the intangible asset category because, formally, that is the correct classification according to the New Zealand (my location) and International accounting standards - and it is convenient to keep the fixed- and intangible-asset categories separate on the balance sheet for certain statutory/tax returns. Thank you @Brucanna for elevating this as a bug.

As an aside, I think the Manager system is an exceptional accounting and business management tool - comprehensive but very simple to use, at least for SMEs. (And to put that comment in context, I was, until about 3 years ago, a CIO responsible for a Deltek Vision implementation [company/project accounting/staff time & expense ERP system] in a public, global consulting firm.) Well done and thank you @lubos!

I can reproduce this problem on a Mac. Again, only when a disposal is present. So it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the operating system. However, I get a much more detailed error statement. Perhaps this will be useful for troubleshooting:

Fixed in the latest version (17.4.89)