Inquiry management

Hi, is there any planning to lunch Inquiry management module where it could be moved to quite module?


Can You explain in detail what you want @subrosumon

We have some of online query and we have replies some of them who are very potential. some of quotation are made based on their query. so i need to track record of this query which can be help to move them as finalized and create a quotation to them.

Have You Tried Custom Fields to track Inquiry Status.?

Basically what you are referring it is for existing customer. but my inquiry management would be future costumer. one we create a quotation it would be Custom Fields to track Inquiry.

your request is a feature of CRM or ERP software while Manager is basically an accounting software with additional useful features.

You can create a sales quote without a customer. Just put the name into the Address field.

sales quote have a sequence, if i included without actual quote it will be mess.

Why is it a mess, @subrosumon? You have issued a sales quote. It has a sequence number. What difference does it make if it is not associated with a defined customer?

If there is any mess, it originates because you want to take a shortcut and issue a sales quote without creating a customer. If that is your goal, you might just as well write an email or letter and keep everything out of your accounting records. The sales quote is not a financial transaction in the first place. Its benefit is only that you can copy it to a sales order or sales invoice if it is accepted.

Your sales department is working on business for a customer:- at least relationship development.

The task is not funded by the customer but it is work for the customer none the less.

I see no reason why this job should not be created in Manager along with a customer in the contact database. There is probably also some advantage in actually charging the work to a specific business development budget account.

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