Suppose A Business in INDIA Has only 1 inventory item"Named A" and it is taxed @18% under GST. There are 4 Diffrent Situations related to its Sale and purchase:-
1.Intra State Purchase - When it is purchased
for cash or From dealer of Similar state in
which business is located then it will be
taxed as SGST@9%+CGST@9%.
2. Inter State Purchase- when it is purchased
from dealer located in any other state
then it will be taxed as IGST@18%.
3.Intra State Sale- When it is Sold
for cash or From dealer of Similar state in
which business is located then it will be
taxed as SGST@9%+CGST@9%.
4.Inter State Sale- when it is Sold
from dealer located in any other state
then it will be taxed as IGST@18%.
When we purchase we pay the input tax and we get the input tax credit (ITC). which is set off against output tax. But in India INPUT CGST Cannot be set off against Output SGST and INPUT SGST Cannot be Set off against Output CGST.
(NOTE- If business is located in union territory then SGST Will be replaced by UTGST. )
How To Implement Multuple Tax codes to a single inventry item and each tax code is used according to Situation of Customer buying it/Seller selling it.

we cannot automate everything. some user input is needed for certain things.

this is not a problem as the offset of taxes and their payments are made outside of Manager. entering the necessary transactions in Manager will show the correct collective tax liability.

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it behaves the same as explained below.

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@sharpdrivetek unless you have created password for your username at you need to go to

oh my bad. i never created/updated a password for Manager cloud. all good now.


mobile number and email id can be added in the business address field itself. Manager has no in-built functions associated with these fields which can be utilized.

There is a thing called presentation and too simplicity leads to less users and too complexity also leads to less users but a Equal combination of Simplicity & Complicity will leads to most no of user’s.

But the purpose of introducing localizations was not to create anything assuming the needs of users. We are simply contributing towards creating a template which helps users comply with the local laws and generate reports.

@ASEGC1725 let’s not worry about which custom fields are going to bring less or more users. We are going to do the right thing. Custom fields need to have a purpose where you objectively can prove they are essential for the country. And the proof would come from custom fields being used by report transformation or extension.

@sharpdrivetek I will make a script that will automatically mark custom fields as inactive if they are not used in any report transformation or extension. Inactive custom fields won’t be visible to users who select the country in Manager.


Why is there a number in the list of options. And if the number is required, I think it would be better if there is a space around dashes.


03 - Punjab




@lubos these numbers are state codes in GST Act of INDIA and these are mandatory.

the drop-down list was copied from the master data available in the offline tool provided by government. an exact match will eliminate errors when exporting data from Manager.

it would be easier for you as a developer if such custom fields are not created in the first place.

anyway, as per the invoice requirements stated in the above file, we need a separate field for delivery address which i was hoping to create along with a conditional custom theme. I would like your opinion because the said script could affect this field since it might not be used in any report transformation or extension.

the default field available in Customers tab cannot be utilized for our unique requirements because Manager replaces the address in Sales Invoice with the contents entered in the default delivery address. as per our requirements we need to show both the billing and delivery addresses on the invoice. I can create a sample document in the database to make things easier to understand.

No custom themes. This is now obsolete feature. Needs to be done with javascript extension. I can help with that.

I think this sounds like a generic feature. Doesn’t have to be handled by localization.

exactly my reason for getting your opinion.

yes it is generic. hope you can implement the possibility to display and print both fields. and an option to temporarily change the delivery address in the Sales Invoice form for any one-off delivery instructions from the customer.

There are a few HSN/SAN custom fields which can be defined on both Inventory Items and Non-Inventory Items.


Then they are defined again as line item columns on invoices / credit notes / purchase invoices etc.

How is HSN/SAC meant to work? Does it need to be shown on every line item or only when selling goods? Meaning services do not have HSN/SAC?

Goods has HSN Code While sevices Has SAC Code

useful when selecting an account on the line item directly.


HSN is for goods and SAC is for taxable services. a common field is enough.