HSN/SAC are the classification System Under GST

i have made a signature feild on sales invoice would i use that on purchase invoice and other forms also

That means for practical reasons, use of inventory items and non-inventory items is pretty much compulsory in India since you can assign HSN/SAC to each item and then HSN/SAC would show on invoices when item is selected.

but there is no guarantee that a user is going to create inventory and non inventory items. a user who provides accounting services would simply create a suitable COA and post the transactions to the same.

also, most users like myself use the same inventory item for miscellaneous parts which we do not find the necessity to track individually. the line item custom field on transaction forms serves the purpose in such situations as a reminder to record the HSN/SAC required by law.

@ASEGC1725 please no HTML in custom field labels. This is not the way. Custom fields are about capturing data, not about presentation.

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I am sorry for that

Why there is Reverse Charge custom field on customer, supplier level and then again on invoice level?


only required on outward documents. purchase invoice is an inward document. and forms such as sales orders are internal documents.

but I think the user can simply sign below the document manually even without a custom field. but this is just my opinion.

Signature would not be custom field under any cirmumstances as it doesn’t capture any data. It’s just improving presentation of the document which means it should be added as an extension if anything.

these would be needed in report transformations because there are columns in offline tools where such data is entered. but I cannot explain how I am going to implement it unless I start working on it. :grinning:

Why do we need all these fields?


Are they all going to be used in some country-specific reports? For example if Mobile No: is not going to be used on any report, then it should be removed.

GSTIN and PAN are mandatory on documents.
GSTIN will be used for GST reports while PAN can be utlized for IT reports.

yes i am going to use them in report transformation

@ASEGC1725 what will be the need of email and mobile number on report transformations? i am just curious to know.

i am trying to Make GST returns on my desktop then i wilol do the same in Localization

I am sorry but in no GST form there is a need to mention email id or mobile number. even the business address is not required.

i have asked to my priniciple CA and he tells that contact details should be printed on GST Returns. and even address would be req to printed on returns

can you please provide an official sample form?

also, you cannot directly generate GST returns in Manager. what you can do is provide necessary data for the users to file their GST returns.

yes i know

Yes i will provide it

then why show the user his own email id and mobile number?

yes please. i would like to check it as a reference before I start working on report transformations.