Vat Electronic Invoice

see here there are the invoice number and Vat Amount and Vat id for our entity and customer
i need to generate the same QR

i need to generate QR contains invoice number , vat amount and my VAT ID

if you have only started to use Manager then it would be better to start fresh.

  1. delete your business database and install the latest version of Manager.
  2. create a new business and select your country.
  3. then update your business details under Settings and all other details as necessary.
    Do not edit any default data available like Tax Codes, Extensions, Report Transformations, etc.

read and understand the guides Guides | Manager

thank you very much
but sir iam not a new user i already have a data already recorded i can make pickup for this data

if you make backup and import it again, the same errors will repeat.
how long have you been using Manager?

from Aug 2021 Sir

what is your Manager version?
the latest version is 21.11.1
have you updated to the latest version and checked?

when i make a new business database for Test use the problem is solved
and QR given every data i need
but my previous Database Still have this problem in QR

that is because you have edited and entered wrong data somewhere in your existing business file. you will have to check and correct the mistakes yourself since no other user here can see your business file.

go to the History tab and click View and then click Undo for all edits you have made unnecassarily.
then enter correct details everywhere as required and check.

Sir I’m very sorry
but i already make undo for all this edit
also i make this wrong edit because the QR not appear my Requirement

post full screenshots of the below

  1. Business details edit screen.
  2. Customer edit screen.
  3. Tax code edit screen.
  4. Sales Invoice view screen.
  5. Sales Invoice edit screen.

your Tax code is different from what appears in the localization database.
the name and account is different. also a custom field is missing.
maybe someone familiar with your localization or @lubos can help.

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Wait @lubos advice.
QR in localization file is working fine, but in my business it can’t generate customer VAT ID.
I think that something must solve by him not us.

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thank you very much
I’m wait MR. @lubos advice
thank you again for all

Qr code did not work with custom theme. When I have use custom theme qr code is unhide. Do you have any solution please guide me.

Please see post by @lubos

OK sir please help

Well it’s not workable till today

@lubos sir please help me to fix this problem