India GST Invoice behavior



I recently noticed that you have updated the guide to implement India’s GST and also inbuilt india’s GST codes - which is great.

Like mentioned in the guide the tax code will show as a column for every line item where one is selected, but this is happening only when a tax code with multiple components is selected such as CGST + SGST 28% or CGST + UGST 12% etc.

However if you select any tax code with single component i.e. IGST 28% or IGST 12% then the tax code doesn’t show as a column


I can reproduce this behavior. It only occurs when the only tax code selected is a single-component code. If both single- and multi-component codes are used, both are displayed:

Likewise, if some items are tax-exempt, the various codes are all listed:

The only situation where the Tax column does not appear is when all items on the invoice are subject to the same, single-component tax. Then, only the tax code and amount applied in the totals section appears. But as a result, there is no possibility of ambiguity. I think all legal requirements are satisfied.


Not 100% sure about the legality part, but i am assuming if it is required by law to mention the tax code in each line, then it would be required in all cases, whether all the item(s) fall under one/multiple tax codes. Whichever tax code it might be.

Also just for the sake of continuity in formatting etc., it would be great if this can be sorted out. If it’s worth the time and effort.


Don’t worry man, if all items are in same tax code then no need to display TAX CODE by each line…
Its only required if billing with different tax codes in same invoice.