Incorrect Qty x Uniy Price

Seems that there is an error in the ‘Total’ amount resulting from a Qty x Unit Price calculation.
See attached (partial) screenshot from a Sales Invoice entered today on the Cloud edition

Correct amounts sgould be
8508 * 2.2171 = 18863,09
8508 * 0.705 = 5998.14 (is correct)
8508 * 0.03878702 = 330

Are you multiplying with 3 digits rounded ?
e.g 8508 * 0.039 = 331,81

I hope you put this in the Urgent Bug category

This seems to be related to similar discussions Arithmetic errors on some field calculations - #6 by Patch and Exchange rate shown incorrect due to round up - #10 by eko. Where it indeed seems that it rounds up with 3 decimal spaces, which in all these cases is really problematic. I do not see this as a bug but something that was changed and just needs to be fixed.

Fixed in the latest version (21.7.19)

@lubos Thank you for quick action!

Thank you!