Including GST Invoice - People do not read properly

Hello some people do not read their invoices properly. The current Invoice layout in Manager Ver 22.6.20 shows “Including GST” below the total and we have people who think that is the invoice amount.

I am wondering if the Total can be moved to the bottom / last number in the column and in bold when an invoice using “Including GST” is selected?

The specific thing you are complaining about has not changed. While you may have a different opinion, the conventional belief is that a total should be the sum of those number above it in the column. That would not be true under your proposed change. And the problem would be worse if multiple tax codes are involved, because there could be quite a list of included tax amounts. Customers could find that even more confusing.

There has been considerable discussion of this precise issue over recent weeks in the forum. When prices are tax-inclusive, all presentations turned out to be compromises, with proponents for all possible variations.

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For tax-inclusive invoices, tax amount under total has always been shown like this. Recent versions have not changed that.

That being said, I’m not against the tax amount showing before Total. But then I probably need to add Tax exclusive total so it all adds up to Total.

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I would suggest that, now that optional “footers” have been introduced, we could also have non-optional footers, with one of those being the taxes included in the invoice. This would make the sub-totals and totals look much less cluttered especially when there is a number of different taxes and rates to be declared.

Another non-optional footer would state the total amount payable on the invoice under the “taxes” footer so there is no confusion.

Guys I am not complaining and I do not have a different opinion to conventional belief. I am seeking and “wondering” if there could be some fix to aid people who do not read properly. I raise this because all our Invoicing is emailed and every now and again we get some “clown” who thinks the bottom “Includes GST” amount is all that needs to be paid. How can manager “baby” these people or make it clearer.

This messes with accounts office and wastes time then customers tells us to present clearer as they think it is not their fault.

The problem with that really is the same, trying to figure out what to put first. You would already have tax-inclusive amounts in the final column, which should add up to a tax-inclusive total. If you moved tax amounts above the total, where would you put the tax-exclusive total and where would you show the tax-exclusive prices from which it was derived.

I wonder if a solution might be to always include a Balance due line on tax-inclusive invoices. This already appears once payment or a credit note is applied. On the original invoice, it woud be redundant, but at least it would be the last thing in the column:

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I am not sure why this needs changing from what it is. The issue raised was that some customers may read it wrong. I fear that many more customers would get confused if the tax-inclusive amount appears on top of the total. It is clear as it is and does not need tinkering to please a few that do not read their bills correctly. From experience you always will have some that question whatever you put.

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To be clear, I don’t think anything needs to be changed either. I was just offering comments on how to prevent further confusion if changes are made.

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  1. Specify the amount to be paid in the email.
  2. Don’t use tax included invoices.

Just another thought I have seen some invoicing implementations make use of colour or even larger font size or both for the payment amount. So it kind of tells me that this issue “to be clear on payment amount” has been recognised in other applications.

This essentially does not change layout yet make it easy for the “some people “.

Manager prints them in bold typeface.

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Yeah you and I know that but for some random customers it does not always work resulting in account relationship and time issues.

Out of gas on the topic, just sharing an operational experience that our office gets plagued with from time to time, over to the powers that be.