Include Item Code in Transactions P/L instead of Invoice Line Description

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to extract the data for Inventory - Cost and Inventory - Sales in profit and loss statement. Currently the Data is tagged to date, transaction type, #, Description and Contact. I would like to display Item code instead of Description as for most invoices, the description is unique to each sale.

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This cannot be done, because profit and loss statements are hard coded. Item codes are not used by everyone, and not every line item has an item code. (Many service invoices, for example, have no item codes.) The one thing all transaction line items have is a description field. If nothing is entered there, the item name is substituted, because every inventory or non-inventory item should have a name.

If you want information about sales of inventory items, there are other ways to get it.

Thanks for the quick reply. It seems that I cant find any guides on how to get the information. How do I go about extracting the details i need?

There is the Sales Invoice Totals by Item report. See

For transactions affecting Inventory - cost and Inventory - sales accounts, drill down on their balances on the Summary page. You can export the results.

You did not mention what data you are trying to extract. If the above suggestions do not provide what you want, please give more details.

I would like to extract the exact same data as you suggested from summary page, with one more additional column to reflect the Item Name OR Item code. It will be impossible for us to trace back to its original description per line as we have thousands of lines to check.

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Then you will have to create a custom report.

i tried to use the customs report but still unable to. can you suggest how do i create a custom report? i need to extract the following columns:
item code OR item name