Suggestion for Profit & Loss Statement

I sold something to my customer and the invoice is:

1271,19 + 228,81 ( Tax %18 ) = 1500

Customer paid 500 for this invoice. When I generate the profit & loss statement on accrual basis, it shows:

- Sales of inventory item = 1271,19

On cash basis:

- Sales of inventory item = 423,72

But for me, it would be more useful if it would show:

Accrual basis:

- Sales of inventory item = 1500
- Tax payable = 228,81
Net = 1271,19

Cash basis:

- Sales of inventory item = 500
- Tax Payable = 76,28
Net = 423,72

Why I want this function like this?

500 is taken by salesman from the customer but in profit & loss statement it appears as 423,72. This is not real report. And sometimes there is no tax on invoice so I can’t calculate the total. If my suggestion applied, the problem disappear.

Do some thing for purchase invoice

Item = any item
Account = Inventory on hand
Inventory Item = item name

For Sale Invoice
Item:= Item name
Account= sales of inventory item

inventory item=item
Tax= Chose tax code
then save invoice

Now report like this

40001 - Sales of inventory items 1,271.19
Total Income 1,271.19

70041 - Purchases of inventory items 423.72
Total Expenses 423.72

Net profit (loss) 847.47

For trial balance Report

40001 - Sales of inventory items 1,271.19

70041 - Purchases of inventory items 423.72

Net profit (loss) 847.47 -

10000 - Cash on hand 500.00
11000 - Accounts receivable 1,000.00
20000 - Accounts payable 423.72
Tax payable 228.81

Retained earnings 847.47

I think my suggestion is the best. And if it would Show like this, it would be more useful

Bank on Hand = 1600
- Credit Card 1600
Cash On Hand = 500
- Cash Account 500

Total Income = 2100

Other Liabilities = 320,34
- Tax Payable 320,34

Total Expenses = 320,34

NET = 1779,66

At the moment in manager;

Sales of inventory item = 1779,66

It is not detailed.
I can’t understand anything with this report

I found another solution. If you add a tracking codes into balance sheet, cash summary, trial balance and general ledger summary report, the problem is solved.

Tracking codes for Job Only
Still I don’t understand your invoice 1500.00 or 2100.00
Tax:320.34 or 228.81
how much your purchasing for item

I gave an example. 1500 or 2100 is not matter. The main problem is salesman report. It is not detailed. Tracking codes must be in all reports.

First of all, sale amounts on profit & loss statement should always be as per accounting standards shown as tax-exclusive so this is not up to negotiation.

What you really want is some simple report that will show amounts invoiced by tracking code for specific period of time, right?

Yes. At the end of the month I’m giving an extra money to sales staff based on sales amount.