Inactive Checkbox on Custom Fields Not Working

How can i Inactive custom fields. clicking inactive not worked. Showing the list in inventory item.

I can duplicate this. I have put it into the bugs category. While an inactivated custom field is grayed out in the Custom Fields listing under Settings, it is still shown on the relevant transaction form. Content can be entered and appears in columns and on completed documents if those boxes are checked.

The problem apparently extends to all transaction form types. It is not limited to inventory items.

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And the Inactive checkbox not working.
Another point about positioning.
I have added two field in inventory item and 2 line field in sales invoice.
I have positioned as 4, 5 and 1, 2. They working in reverse.
Those two from inventory item 4, 5 coming first then others 1, 2 did not find a work around.
I need those 4 field in a nice positon with compname, size, In Pc, In Box then qty, unit price …

Positioning of regular and line-item custom fields is not related.

Well, But a nice way of positioning custom fields is needed for all to customize output.

Read the Guide:

Thank you.
I read those before posting. For flexibility to design invoices and positioning needed fields at on preferred place will make the software more user friendly.

Another thing is making line fields text type and numeric type with calculation ability is much needed. Sometimes we need to calculate few small thing on each line. Like converting centimeter to Inch etc.

You can put calculations into the number fields and Manager will calculate and display the result

For example entering 5 * 20 will give 100

Thank you.
New fields by line fields can’t do that.

Fixed in the latest version (21.6.62)

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Thank you for your effort and Nice Cooperation.

Hope very soon we will see much advanced changes in the software.