In Editing sells invoices a Scroll bar views problems

Respected sir,
Manager is the best accounting software as per my experience. but while editing an invoices i seen such types of scroll bar lines on the screen and that editing speed of sells invoice becomes very slow. so this is my suggestion for further improvement of this software system.

thank you sir

Can you provide a step by step listing on how this occurring, starting from the Sale Invoice tab.
Also what edition of Manager are you using and which operating system. Do other forms do this ?
I am assuming this is a local problem as other users aren’t reporting it.

Hello sir,
Sorry For Late reply , This scroll Bar lines appears when editing Previous made invoices.that Have Material quantities more than 10 line of material. i am using this operating system as shown in image. If this problem is a local problem then please suggest to me.

Thank you.

I have experienced this issue since using Manager starting April 2015. So its not a version issue. It happens when I am scrolling up, scrolling across etc. I notice most in inventory where I have a lot of line entries. The example above occurs when I go into inventory, select something like Qty on hand, wait a few seconds and then hit the back button and I see the above pic. Of course it does not do it everytime!

I have windows 7 32 bit and I use Firefox, but obviously have IE 11. I noticed that my accountant had the same problem once when I went to see her and she had my books open on the screen. I don’t remember what operating system she had.

The issue seems to occur if you wait a few seconds before scrolling up or down and it does not do it every single time. Its very random as to when it does it. My belief is that it is some kind of refresh issue, so maybe its some wierd conflict with certain video cards, or certain screen refresh rates or screen resolution sizes I don’t know. I use 1280*1024

I think this is a Windows issue or a problem with a particular PC machine. I have never seen anything like it on a Mac.

I wonder if its not something to do with hardware acceleration. I must test that out.

I also experience this, have done for some time. Using windows 7.

Its probably because Windows 7 is still used by a large percentage of the population, but it may perhaps suggest that the issue is a windows 7 based issue. Maybe something to do with directx used by windows 7 or something. @lubos do you have any idea what tests we could run to troubleshoot this? As I work in IT, I can do the tests as long as it does not require programming.

The issue occurs on my laptop as well as computer. So different video cards, different screen resolutions. Both using Windows 7 32 bit, IE11 and Firefox 54 - no chrome! Its done this since using Manager in April 2015, so its not a Manager version issue, nor a .net version issue, nor a specific windows update etc.