Horizontal sliding bar locked

Desktop Version
on windows 11

After installing new version of manager, the horizontal sliding bar on “sales invoices” edit page seems to be locked when using the mouse to scroll to right or to left (my page is very large and need to be scrolled to see all available information) .
The only way to see information is to position on a field and use “tab” function.
Vertical sliding bar is functionning well.

Works fine here - Desktop version on Windows 10

Try updating to latest version

I have updated with latest version but it doesn’t change; the horizontal sliding bar doesn’t scrool with mouse (when click on the bar or even on left and right arrows)…
FYI : When moving over vertical sliding bar, it change color (darker grey, become active), but not with the horizontal one…

I suspect this is a Windows 11 problem

Have you tried using a different browser?

Horizontal scrolling is working fine with:
Windows11, Firefox 111.0.1 and Manager

As @Joe91 advised, did you try a different browser?

I am using desktop version. Is there a link with browser? Manager desktop isn’t it autonomous application?
On others application like microsoft excel, horizontal sliding bar is working fine !
My browser by default for internet pages is google chrome (Version 111.0.5563.147 (Build officiel) (64 bits))

If you right click on a tab, for example, you can open another browser window in Manager

Try changing your default browser to see if the problem persists

Thank you for tip
I just tried to open page on chrome… same problem => vertical bar works with mouse but not horizontal
I have copied the link into edge browser=> vertical bar works with mouse but not horizontal

Could the problem come from windows 11 (build 22621.1413)?

It seems like a Windows 11 settings problem

Oh sorry, finally vertical & horizontal sliding bar are well functionning with mouse in chrome browser (when opening with right clic from manager desktop app…
… but still not reacting directly in manager desktop application.!!!

On Windows 10 Manager needs Edge installed, so it would be interesting to see if you have the same problem opening a Manager window in Edge instead of Chrome.

@chtipec, you were asked to try another browser. Please do so. More problems are reported with Chrome than any other browser.

Manager functions like a browser, using your default browser to display pages.

As i préviously wrote, i have paste the link from windows browser in Chrome to browser Edge.
Horizontal sliding bar works with Chrome but it doesn’t work with Edge…

Pasting links will accomplish nothing. You must change your default browser to determine if Chrome is the problem.

Manager desktop on windows uses Edge to render the user interface.

You can easily use another browser by leaving the desktop program running and using links in a non edge browser