Auto update on Inventory price, and autofill on Sales inv

My situation is like this. I´m electician.
I buy material and I get discount on them. I need to be able to maximize my profit without selling bought items higher than I bought it from. But I still need to bee able to see if the final sale price is lower than avarage cost.
The buy Item procedeure:
Step 1. I buy item with discount. “Unit price” without the discount, on Invoices needs to be saved in inventory items.
Step 2. “Avarage price” needs to be saved in inventory items. (The real price that I paid)

The Sell item procedeure:
Step 1. When addding item on Sales invoices the “Unit price” needs to autofill the latest “Unit price” from Inventory stock.
Step 2. Now I check discount and add 10% discount.
Step 3. I want to see what is left in profit by seeing a window that autocalculate (Unit price-discount-Avarage price) And I want to have checkbox to choose % or amount for it as “profit”

The biggest problem with is that there is no follow through from Purchase Invoices to the Sales Invoices.
Having windows for manual fixed buy and Sell price is useless. And it dose not even update when creating Purchase Invoices. You are so blind when creating Sales invoices. I even want to see the amount of total profit of all items on the sales invoices.

Would it not be great to have a little more auto update on inventory and see the Sales profit as you make them


That is a business specific pricing model. Your options are

  1. Buy a purchase system which supports customisation for individual businesses. Then pay for customisation of that system to met your business practices.

  2. Implement your pricing scheme manually in combination with an off the shelf system such as Manager

  3. Pay a programmer to semi automate your pricing model using an external application which communicates with Manger (via API or batch updates).

And also add the option when purchase invoice invoice then also appear sale unit price colum to adjust the price if purchase price of unit is changed

@Eric_77, the following comments are organized according to your numbered steps:

Buy item procedure:

  1. You can modify the purchase price of inventory items at any time. The number you enter for an inventory item’s purchase price could be a catalog price from your supplier, the price you paid last time you bought it, or the price from your most recent purchase. This figure is used only to prefill purchase-related transactions, like purchase invoices or payments. It can be edited transaction by transaction.
  2. Average price is not the price you just paid. Average price has no meaning in accounting generally or in Manager when dealing with purchases. Average cost is the term that refers to the average cost you paid for all units of an inventory item currently in stock. It takes into account prior purchases. Manager’s inventory costing system is a perpetual moving average cost system. You cannot change that. The amount you pay when making a specific purchase of an inventory item is saved only on the transaction recording the purchase. That amount influences the average cost calculated by Manager, but is not stored anywhere as a separate variable, only as what was entered on a transaction.

Sell item procedure:

  1. This is exactly what already happens, assuming you have filled in the sales price field for that inventory item. Use of that field is, however, optional.
  2. You can alreafy do this.
  3. Your desired calculation has no meaning in Manager. The program knows what you have entered as default sales and purchase prices of an inventory item. But nowhere does it calculate margin as you complete a sales invoice. If you want to know whether the price you are charging, after discount, is more or less than the current average cost, you can open a second Manager window to the Inventory Items tab and check what that average cost is.

Any truth in that statement depends on exactly what you mean by “follow through.” What do you mean?

Which “windows” are you referring to?

What do you think does not update that should? Do you want the program to automatically overwrite standard purchase prices you have entered? The average cost already is updated.

Total profit means different things to different people and businesses. The information necessary to calculate true net profit is not all present on a sales invoice. That is why other reports are available. “A little more auto update” is an extremely vague request. Exactly what do you mean?