Worksheet to batch update prices based on cost formula

Your software has alot of cool features but I think that adding Price Level with profit percent would be great.
Retail Price = Cost + (Cost * 15%)
Whole Sale Price = Cost + (Cost * 3%)
And so on…

The issue is that sometime the cost is not known if you want to sell item which is not in stock. Or perhaps it is in stock but purchase invoices from supplier haven’t been entered or supplier simply didn’t provide them yet even though they have made the delivery. Or the worst - bookkeeper makes an error entering price on invoice wrong and now your sale prices could be a lot lower than you want them to be. Many reasons… so it’s best not to automate this.

I think it’s better to have some kind of worksheet in Manager which can calculate new prices and then batch update. You’d do this on regular basis and would give you a chance to manually review new prices to avoid obvious pricing errors due to the reasons stated above.

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We have hundreds of items in our inventory and we simply charge a fixed rate of profit to each group of clients. This rate may change every once in a while and its much easier if all we have to do is to change it in the price level defined earlier.

@Dani, it is very doubtful the software will be customized just to match your pricing practices. But it would be very simple to do a batch update. See Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager.

Paste the copied inventory information into a spreadsheet. Add a column to multiple the prices by some factor. Copy and paste the result back into the original price column. Delete the calculation column. Copy the spreadsheet and paste back into Manager for the batch update. If necessary, you could multiply different inventory groups by different adjustment factors.